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Pool Services

GTC Services has been providing quality service to private / residential pools throughout Fauquier County, Culpeper County and surrounding areas. If you own a pool in the Warrenton/Culpeper area, we can tailor a service plan to meet your needs.

Residential Pool Services:
-Swimming pool service & repairs
-Seasonal pool opening / closing
-Weekly pool maintenance

Residential Swimming Pool Service

Routine maintenance is crucial to owning a pool. Maintaining the proper chemical balance helps to protect the pool and its equipment. More importantly, it ensures that your family is able to enjoy a healthy swimming environment.

Maintaining a pool involves more than adding a few chemicals each week. Knowing the proper chemical balance required to keep your pool clear and clean is essential. That’s why GTC Services is perfect for the job. We are experience and thoroughly trained on the latest technology available in water chemistry, filtration systems, and equipment repair and replacement. A pool is a big investment and not servicing it properly can cost you.

Year Round Swimming Pool Service

GTC Services offers year-round service for your pool, spa or water feature. We are one of the area's oldest and most respected pool service companies. We will take care of your pool efficiently and effectively every time!

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We offer:

Annual Service Contracts
Sign an annual contract with us and sit back and enjoy your pool. Benefits of an annual contract include year round service, pool opening and closing, all pool chemicals, and no service call fees for the duration of the contract.
Weekly Pool Maintenance
If an annual contract does not meet your needs, we also offer weekly pool maintenance – no contract required. All pool chemicals are included with weekly service, which eliminates hidden charges and escalating pool maintenance bills.
For all pool service, GTC Services performs the following:

  • Check and balance pool chemicals
  • Surface skimming and bottom debris removal
  • Backwash filtration system
  • Empty skimmer baskets
  • Clean debris from pool deck and pool equipment pad
  • Clean pool tile
  • Check proper operation of pool equipment
  • Clean and check automatic pool cleaning systems

Pool Closings and Openings
GTC Services can efficiently and effectively prepare your pool for the cold winter months. We can help you avoid freeze damage and costly repairs that can occur if your pool is not winterized properly. When spring arrives and you are ready to enjoy your pool, we can remove the cover, perform all weekly maintenance items listed above, and ensure that your pool is in good working order.

If you are in need of pool service, pool maintenance, pool repair or the equivalent of services to your hot tub, please do not hesitate to call us at 540-428-6466 and we will be happy to discuss a solution with you.


GTC Services is specializes small water systems, plumbing and swimming pools. We provide various services for pools such as pool opening & closing, pool cleaning, pool water treatment, and pool and jacuzzi repairs. We also service residential and commercial water systems, and also offer plumbing services in Warrenton, Culpeper and the surrounding areas.